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Celebrate Rutgers' first season in the BIG 10 on WCTC and

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See Dennis Miller at the Mayo Performing Arts Center December 3rd!

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1450 Videos

1450 WCTC's Quick Poll

Rutgers visits Maryland in the final game of the 2014 season this Saturday on WCTC. What is the outcome?
Rutgers wins big, finishes 7-5, and gets an invite to a very respectable bowl game.
Rutgers wins a close game, but hey...7-5? We'll take it.
Maryland wins big, Rutgers finishes 6-6, and is NOT invited to a bowl game. (Yes it could happen).
Maryland wins a close game, Rutgers finishes 6-6. Not bad for the first season in the BIG 10.
Voting is restricted to one vote every 24 hour(s) .

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