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On debates, maniacal grimaces, creepy smiles, and contemptuous laughter
Posted 10/12/2012 3:41:00 PM

So who won the VP debate last night in Kentucky? At first blush many on the left seem to think Biden won. They are short sighted in their praise though. They seem to miss the one empirical truth about debates. Appearances matter. Mitt Romney beat President Obama last week, in large part, because he appeared more presidential and in command of the issues. President Obama appeared bored, indifferent, and aloof. Joe Biden may well have staunched the bleeding from the president's lack luster appearance, but his own rather bizarre appearance only impressed the base of the Democrat Party.

Regardless of how the remaining debates go from now until election day the people that are praising Biden's more confrontational approach would vote for the Obama/Biden ticket anyway. So, Joe Biden won his base's approval but he may well have helped lose the election war. This election will be decided by a very narrow margin of the electorate. These independents were, by and large, confronted by a Vice President who seemed boorish, rude, and worst of all, creepy. The pearly white grimace seemed at times threatening. The maniacal laughter seemed unnatural and forced. The interruptions were not only rude, but inappropriate. The Left's base may have been cheering this tactic on out of sheer spite, but my bet is that in the days and weeks that follow the election, should Romney/Ryan prevail, a change of heart will be inevitable. Many of Obama's supporters woke up happy this morning with Uncle Joe's performance. The rest of us were creeped out. In a few days most of what both Biden and Ryan said will be long forgotten, but the bizarre behavior of crazy Uncle Joe will leave a lasting impact on the voters that really matter. That kind of crazy is hard to forget. 

Clint Eastwood made a comment in his remarks at the RNC when he said the following,"Of course we all know that Biden is the intellect of the Democrat Party....just kind of a grin with a body behind it."

Last night Crazy Uncle Joe proved Clint's point. Those on the Left have yet to figure this truth out. 

Biden won only the hearts and minds of the liberal choir. That won't make one whit of difference come November 6th. On substance and wooing the fence sitters? Paul Ryan won this one hands down. 

Posted By: Steve Hook  

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  1. Mark Janson posted on 10/12/2012 06:01 PM
    Didn't see a photo credit for the Biden picture you used? As a photographer I take this very serious. I hope you are not using someone's work without giving them royalties.
    1. Steve Hook posted on 10/12/2012 06:42 PM
      @Mark Janson The image was a from Google search and there is no credit included. My guess is AP, but even that can't be confirmed by the link. If you would like to contribute some photos I'd happily credit you Mark!
  2. Mark Janson posted on 10/12/2012 06:52 PM

    Just cause you see something on google does not mean you can use on a site that makes profit, like your company... you really should think about removing it before you get a cease and desist order.

    When showing a photo you always need to give proper credit or you could get sued. Journalism 101.
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