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A huge task ahead for the new Rutgers Athletic Director
Posted 5/17/2013 12:48:00 PM

     It makes a catchy headline to say that Julie Hermann is the first female athletic director in Rutgers history.  But it doesn't matter what's her gender.  What matters is the set of credentials Hermann brings from the University of Louisville where she was the number-two person to one of the top a-d's in the nation, Tom Jurich.  There are some who are questioning her qualifications because she was "only" second-in-command.  But, in reality, those are the executives who do much of the heavy lifting in Fortune 500 companies while the CEO and President operates as the titular head or the "idea guy."  I, for one, have no problem with Hermann's resume.  If she was number-two at Louisville, based on that school's track record in competition, fund-raising and vision, that's good enough for me.  What I'm more concerned about is if Hermann is able to successfully do the following which immediately loads her plate at Rutgers:

---Restore the image of the athletic department in the wake of the Mike Rice basketball coach scandal.

---Continue the drive to raise more money for the much-needed upgrade at the Rutgers Athletic Center.

---Move the growing football program to the next level on the nationwide scene.

---Deal with the sticky issue of women's basketball coach Vivian Stringer's final year on her million-dollar contract by either giving her a much-needed paycut or by showing her the door.

---And, last but certainly not least, successfully integrating Rutgers into the more prestigious Big Ten Conference, a move that is only 14-months away.

     It's a lot but here's to hoping that Hermann's long stint at Louisville will give her the intestinal fortitude to get Rutgers back on the right path...and worthy of inclusion in the Big Ten.




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  1. Al Bumin posted on 05/17/2013 10:58 PM
    Hit it right on the head again, Bruce. Well said!!!
  2. Ulrich posted on 05/18/2013 05:48 PM
    What about those sports that (since joining the Big East, at least) have yet to make it into a conference tournament at the end of the regular season???
  3. Don Rich posted on 05/19/2013 04:44 PM
    Right on Bruce! All points well taken with perhaps the thorniest being Coach Stringer's salary. Her credential's are not in doubt BUT the program is not competitive with what's out there! Time for retirement Vivian!!
  4. Peter from Cliffwood Beach posted on 05/20/2013 04:10 AM
    Interesting take on what really happens in a Fortune 500 company. The only time I saw anything like this was when I taught in a parochial school and the VP did all the heavy lifting. When she eventually became our principal the transition was a piece of cake for her. Don't like to take politics (Where have I heard that before?) but isn't this exactly what is going on in Washington right now, where the leadership "knows nothing" about what what went with the IRS, AP, and Benghazi scandals? Sounds like Sgt. Schultz is running the show in the White House.
  5. Don Rich posted on 05/26/2013 08:08 PM
    The Rutgers fiasco continues! Stay tuned Bruce!
  6. Peter from Cliffwood Beach posted on 05/26/2013 10:09 PM
    Here we go again. Eric Holder will be out of work in a few days. Let's hire him!
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