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Rice has got to go immediately; Pernetti and Barchi have some serious questions to answer
Posted 4/2/2013 9:44:00 PM

     By now, just about every Rutgers basketball fan, most alums and many curious bystanders have seen the video on ESPN showing Scarlet Knight coach Mike Rice physically and verbally abusing his players.  We knew it was coming as early as last December but hardly any of us thought it would be so bad.  In fact, it's reprehensible.  Rice's behavior is abhorrent.  So, even though he's already served a three-game suspension and paid a $50,000 fine, Rice must be fired immediately.  His actions have given the State University of New Jersey a large black eye; making the school a national embarrassment.  But firing Rice is the easy part and certainly no great basketball loss when you look at his losing record over three years.  The hard part concerns Athletic Director Tim Pernetti and new President Dr. Robert Barchi.  Both saw the video tape last year; both signed off on the decision to suspend and fine Rice, not to fire him.  So, in some way, they both felt the behavior we all saw Tuesday wasn't bad enough to warrant a dismissal.  That makes both of them look bad...bad enough that they should at least be publicly reprimanded by the Rutgers Board of Governors and forced to explain to their bosses how this behavior could have inexplicably been tolerated on some level.

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  1. Stan Dupp posted on 04/03/2013 01:50 AM
    Well said Bruce. That's the exact question that must be asked.
  2. Stan Dupp posted on 04/03/2013 01:51 AM
    Well said Bruce. That's the exact question that must be asked.
  3. Peter from Cliffwood Beach posted on 04/03/2013 06:25 AM
    Yes, Bruce. I want to know whose decision it was to keep the coach. I hear the spin. I want to know the background. These administrators are paid big bucks to make big time decisions. I want to know exactly what Pernetti wanted to do and why. I want to know if Barchi agreed with or overruled Pernetti. Whatever happened to "The buck stops here"? (It sure as hell doesn't apply in Washington as even POTUS is the ultimate buck-passer.) Rutgers wanted New York exposure. Does ESPN count?
  4. Don Rich posted on 04/03/2013 10:05 AM
    Now that the "cat is out of the bag" I'm wondering how many potential recruits are lining up to go to Rutgers and "get me some of that Rice thing". And Stringer calls fans crazies. And we are going to the Big 10 with this baggage. And Murdock probably "cooked his goose" by reporting what went on. I can only imagine millions being spent on that suit. As you said Bruce, if Pernetti and Barchi felt the penalty they dished out was sufficient than it's up to the Board of Governors to step in and show otherwise. WHAT A DISGRACE!!
    1. Peter from Cliffwood Beach posted on 04/03/2013 11:44 AM
      @Don Rich Rutgers will have no problem getting the borderline D-1/D-2 recruits. After all, how much difference will that be to who they get now? Jack made a profound observation towards the end of his show when he listed Bob Hurley as someone in Coach Rice's corner. That pipeline, apparently, remains open. Get one or two of his guys and RU is back in business. Here's a thought - If RU was in the Final Four, no question that this behavior would have been condoned.
  5. Peter from Cliffwood Beach posted on 04/04/2013 10:24 AM
    Would someone from Rutgers (other than Tim Pernetti) please come forward and say, "We know Tim erred, however, we're saving his job because he's one of us - a Rutgers grad, and we have a vested interest in how successful our graduates are." As a Rutgers grad, that would tell me something. It would diffuse the situation as far as I'm concerned.
    1. Don Rich posted on 04/04/2013 07:09 PM
      @Peter from Cliffwood Beach My beef with Pernetti is that he did not get Stringer to explain why she called all us fans crazies. He obviously made a big mistake which he has acknowledged but can he be trusted to pick the next basketball coach. Now the assistant coach has bailed out and my guess more will follow, resign or be fired. I'm waiting for the RU Bored of Governors to make some statements. What are they there for if they continue to remain quiet? As for the politicians, they can't solve the State's problems but they are ready to pass legislation for this mess.
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