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Biggest traffic headache NJ has ever seen
Posted 1/9/2014 2:40:00 PM

Wow what a difference a few days a few subpoenas can make. The sudden 4-day closing of the George Washington Bridge, or "bridgegate" as it has now come to be known, has reduced Chris Christie from the Republican frontrunner for the White House in 2016, to a state Governor who can't seem to keep tabs on his own staff. Firstly, the Governor doesn't have 60 thousand people working for him, and he indicated during Thursday's apology news conference. There may be that many State employees, but certainly not that many on his staff. But for the ones who do directly report to him, the seed to close 3 access lanes to the George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee had to be planted somewhere. I find it hard to believe that a staff member came up with the idea to paralyze a city on the first few days of school as a means of punishing the Mayor for his lack of support for the Governor's reelection. My theory is that someone in the inner circle reported back to the Gov that the top guy in Fort Lee wouldn't endorse him, and the Governor, maybe innocently, said something along the lines of "I should close the GWB one morning, and see how much he likes that". I can easily see a staffer, desparate to climb the ladder and maybe right Christie's coattails all the way to DC, put the knuckleheaded plan into effect, and the rest is history. People are fired, staffs have been reorganized, and the apologies have been said...and said...and said again. But if the Governor can't keep a state staff under control, how much success can he possibly have with a bona fide executive cabinet? With "bridgegate", we may never know.


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  1. DonR posted on 01/10/2014 12:13 AM
    Coming out of Middlesex County. home of the Democrats. score one Gotcha. I take him at his word and he fired those who pulled this trick off. Wish some of the yoyo's in DC took decisive action when confronted with situations, but heck that's Politics.
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