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Time to put the NJ bear hunt in the crosshairs
Posted 12/11/2013 2:29:00 PM

I like ideas. I REALLY like GOOD ideas. What I don't like is when someone has a BAD idea, and tries to convince me that it's a GOOD idea. Take the annual NJ bear hunt for example. Now I have nothing against hunters, gun owners, or anyone that enjoys the sport of hunting. I'm sure there was a time when hunting actually had some value, but that's for another blog. If i thought the bear hunt was an effective means of curbing the bear population, trust me, I'd back it 100 percent. But let's face it; having an annual hunt to prevent bear encounters is about as effective as treating a cold by skinny dipping at the Shore in January. It simply DOES NOT WORK. The goal of the bear hunt is to "bag", or as I prefer to call it, "shoot and kill", so-called "nuisance bears" who make the fatal mistake of wandering into a yard. The problem is, when a hunter enters the wilderness to "bag" a bear, he or she is probably "bagging" a bear that has NEVER entered a yard, knocked over a bird feeder, or, the horror, tipped over a trash can. The bear is targeted and KILLED just for being a bear. When someone matching the description of someone who robbed a drug store, or they instantly guilty? THAT is the equivalent of the NJ bear hunt. Here's the real solution: keep your yard clean, get rid of the bird feeders, close your dumpster if you have one, and if you spot a big bad bear, calmly get back in your house or car, and call 911. That's all. And unless the big mean bear is packing a gun, chances are he'll live to OMG enter your yard another day.


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  1. joseph k posted on 12/13/2013 09:49 PM
    lets leave the bear hunt as we focus on drunk driving, we have to drive to the "sports bar" to watch the "big game" but how do all these people get home.?., but yet this bear hunt gets so much attention...why are we in new jersey so careful not to offend the bars and "gin mills" that send out drunken killers yet we deny sober hunters there legal sport.....
  2. DonR posted on 12/14/2013 07:41 PM
    Well said Joseph. Go after the drunk drivers. Not going to happen!!
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