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New Jersey and you...and guns. Perfect together?
Posted 11/5/2013 1:29:00 PM

A TSA agent is shot dead at Los Angeles International Airport. A lone gunman enters the Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus just as it's closing, and is found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Two events, thousands of miles apart, but at the same time, frighteningly close to home. In both of these instances, the gunmen hailed from New Jersey. The LAX shooter, after killing a TSA agent and wounding 2 others, remains hospitalized following a gun battle with police, while at the time of this writing, the investigation on the Garden State Plaza is ongoing, with all signs pointing to a suicide attempt from the start. One shooter from North Jersey, one from South Jersey. What is going on with people from New Jersey and guns? What could drive someone from New Jersey to use weapons to kill others? Now I'm from New Jersey, and let's pretend there's a loaded gun in my posession every day. Care to guess how many people would be shot? Try ZERO. Am I saying that people, and not guns, kill people? Not at all. I'm saying that I have no idea where the idea to use guns to hurt others comes from. Violent games and movies? I enjoy more than my fair share of both, and NOT ONCE have I had the urge to hurt someone. Violent lyrics in rock music? I've listened to music all my life, and I can't say that a Black Sabbath record made me want to kill someone. We'll never know the mental state of the Garden State Plaza mall shooter, and maybe the LAX shooter will recover soon to be questioned about his mental state, but I think the debate will continue to rage on about guns and their criminal use. I just wish we could take Jersey out of the equation.

Posted By: Bert Baron  

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