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What we can all learn from Eric LeGrand
Posted 9/16/2013 5:48:00 AM

Eric LeGrand's #52 jersey was retired this Saturday at halftime of RU's win over Eastern Michigan. This is an honor usually reserved for champions, or players who are legends on the field. But Eric's contributions go far beyond the gridiron. His teams never won any National Championships or Conference Titles. Never sat at #1 in some national poll. Heck, not even an outright Big East Championship. But what Eric LeGrand brings is bigger than any 4th-and-goal stop; it's the courage and determination to press on, no matter what setbacks life may throw you. Here's a kid who made 1 simple mistake on a tackle, and his life is forever changed as a result. He needs help with everything in his everyday life. But every time I see that kid, I swear to you, he is smiling. Smiling! How many of us complain about the most insignificant things, like Facebook being slow, or my $8 Starbucks coffee being too sweet? What this young man brings to us every day is immeasurable. So the next time Route 1 traffic backs you up for 5 minutes, just think of the number 52. And smile.

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