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Jersey @ 4 AM
Posted 9/3/2013 5:19:00 AM

Let's just say doing the morning show at WCTC has given me a new perspective on the world around me. No longer do I wonder what's happening in the wee hours of the day, because I'm now part of this dedicated, but unusual tribe of people. Want to know what life is like in Jersey at 4 AM? Here's my perspective. First of all, the crickets outnumber the birds, at least until sunrise. Then the birds make most of the noise. There are lots of possums on the road. Some living, some not quite Then there are the truckers, listening to Red Eye Radio and maintaining a steady, if faster than posted, speed on the highways. I marvel at just how many trucks are on the Jersey roadways at night, and imagine how impossible traffic would be if they all slept in one day. How about my fellow motorists at 4 AM? A lot of them are from out of state, and I wonder just how good their job must be for them to drive from another state at that hour. Who knows what time their getting back home each night. Hope it's all worth that kind of time investment. The thought used to be there was not one on the roads at that hour but "the crooks and the cops", but believe me Jersey is alive and well at 4 AM. Remeber that the next time you hit the snooze button for the 3rd time.

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