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PLEASE not this again
Posted 5/27/2013 11:20:00 PM

On the same date the Duke men's lacrosse team wins its second National title, allegation of abuse surface once again at Rutgers. This time, against the new Athletic Director, Julie Hermann. It seems back in 1997, when she was the women's head volleyball coach at Tennessee, she allegedly called her players "whores, alcoholics and learning disabled." In fact, insist the players on that team, the abuse had become so unbearable, that the players called a meeting with her and the school's athletic director to address the conditions of playing for her. Claiming she ruled through "through humiliation, fear and emotional abuse", the players called the situation "irreconcilable". Hermann, who was silent during the entire meeting, said this one sentence: "I choose not to coach you guys." She would move into an administrative role, and never coach again.  Fast forward to earlier this month where Hermann is introduced as Rutgers' new Athletic Director, saddled with the task of restoring order in the scandal-ridden men's basketball program, and overseeing the school's transition from the Big East to the Big Ten. When word of these latest accusations broke, RU President Robert Barchi was quick to defend his new hire, insisting she was thoroughly screened, and she "will work in the best interests of all of our student athletes, our athletics teams and the university." Is this President Barchi's way of justifying his decision? Is he trying to soften the situation so the question of hiring someone with this in their past won't make it look like he didn't do his homework? Look, after everything Rutgers has been through over the past several months, any AD candidate wtih so much as a parking ticket or a jaywalking charge needed to be instantly disqualified for the job. Do you think the question of "Have you every verbally or physically abused a player?" would have come up at least 1 time? Let's see how Rutgers handles this situation going forward; and for their sakes, let's hope Governor Christie and rest of Trenton give them a chance to.

Posted By: Bert Baron  

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  1. DonR posted on 05/28/2013 10:59 AM
    No one is perfect. What happened 16 years ago and has had a perfect record since then, GREAT. Mike Rice should even be given a pass when his anger management is completed successfully. and he gets back to work. Hermann has been vetted and Barchi has survived. Move on already! Regarding Pernetti, I liked the guy and had dealings with him. He made the one mistake and was fired. HE WILL NOT COME BACK, TAKE IT TO THE BANK!!
  2. DonR posted on 05/28/2013 10:05 PM
    Pernetti was not fired. He retired!
    1. JackJ posted on 06/05/2013 12:19 PM
      @DonR You really think that Pernetti's resignation was voluntary? Really? The outrage at the time was so great over this 'problem' that it was either Pernetti go or Barchi and Pernetti go.

      The somewhat botched vetting of Ms. Hermann's hiring makes RU look like 'the gang that couldn't shoot straight' but part of that is due to the fact that college athletics - at least for the moneyball sports - is a cesspool rife with abuse and exploitation of the student-athletes by their coaches, schools and NCAA.

      For all the rhetoric, it comes down to money over ethics. College athletics *should* be free from the choices of expediency over economics but we are all learning that it is not.
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