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The punishment fits the crime...or does it?
Posted 4/3/2013 10:42:00 AM

Today's firing of Rutgers men's basketball coach Mike Rice comes as no surprise to a lot of people. After all, when you see video evidence of a basketball coach hurling balls at players, and berateing them with insensative remarks, there's not a parent, fan, or elected official alive who wouldn't want the guy cooked. But let's back up for a second, to December of 2012, when we got word that RU Athletic Director Tim Pernetti was suspending the coach for 3 games and fining him 50 grand for "undiclosed violations". We went about our daily lives, assuming the situation was reviewed by AD Pernetti, and the appropriate punishment was handed out. We turned our focus back to recovering from Superstorm Sandy. Now, out of the blue, comes video of the incidents involving Coach Rice, complete with ball-throwing and bad-mouthing, and suddenly, Tim Pernetti's initial punishment is not good enough. So what happens? Rice gets COOKED. Tim Pernetti had no choice with the negative publicity the university was receiving. Think about this for second; let's say you hear about a kid getting a month in jail and a year's probation for stealing a woman's handbag from the mall. Sounds like an appropriate punishment, right? Now, let's say 6 months later, the mall security video tape is made public, and we see a little old lady holding onto her handbag for dear life while being dragged across the tiles of the mall floor. All of a sudden, the sentence seems like a slap on the wrist, and people think the kid should get 10 years for the crime. All of this brings me to the following: if the video never surfaced, does Coach still have his gig today? Just goes to show how powerful SEEING something is, as compared to just HEARING about something.

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