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"The Worm" needs to just slither away. Far away.
Posted 3/13/2013 4:50:00 PM

There are 2 words that I thought I would never find myself using in this blog, and those words are "Dennis" and "Rodman". After all, why would I? Great basketball player. Larger-than-life personality. Hell, I even read his autobiography and liked it. But he's a guy who has done enough crazy things in his life, that there would be nothing else to say about him. Boy, was I wrong. I thought Kayne West and Kim Kardashian was the most unlikely couple I'd ever see, but "The Worm" and Kim Jung Un, dictator of one of America's most hated enemies, is a matchup for the ages. First of all, how the hell did Dennis Rodman manage to get INTO North Korea in the first place? Don't you need like, I don't enter a nation that is so anti-American? Secondly, Dennis Rodman? Is that the best we can do to represent America in a country where our name has been garbage for decades? Anyway, The Worm squirms home and does the Sunday morning talk shows, and says that KJU is a "great guy" and you just need to "get to know him". Sorry, but we know all we need to know. He is a ruthless, heartless dictator who impoverishes and imprisons his own citizens, and is repsonsible for the deaths of countless people. If Ronald Reagan were still in office today, 2 things would have happened: Dennis Rodman would be arrested for treason the second he set foot on American soil, and just for THREATENING to nuke the US, North Korea would be flattened the next day. So...WORM...try to be a little more careful when picking your friends, not matter how much of a "great guy" you think they are.

Posted By: Bert Baron  

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