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But HE IS the boss!
Posted 1/12/2013 12:43:00 PM

A lot of people (including the Governor himself), are not happy with the cover of this week's issue of TIME magazine. You probably are in exile somewhere north of the Arctic Circle if you haven't seen it yet, but in case you haven't, Governor Christie is portrayed as a Tony Soprano-ish mobster, gazing angrily into the camera, much like you'd expect a made guy's mug shot to look. The photo is stark...cold...almost scary. The shot is edited to make the Governor appear like he was just photographed following a low-speed chase in a white Ford Bronco, and about to face the trial of his life. But like it or not, he IS The Boss of New Jersey. He's proven that politcal allegiance sometimes needs to be trumped by common sense. There are times when a Republican Governor must break bread with "the enemy" (in this case, President Obama following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy), and call out your "friends" when they let you down (Speaker Boehner's decision to delay the vote on the disaster aid bill). This state is a big pond, and Governor Christie has no problem letting the world know who's the biggest fish. If that means breaking a tradition or 2, hey, he's got no trouble doing just that. No one in New Jersey should be shocked by that. Maybe the real winner in all of this is TIME. When's the last time that magazine got this much publicicity? Once Newsweek went all-digital? Hey with press like this, TIME can keep the presses rolling, and keep the people talking. They say every one of us was put here for a reason. Maybe Governor Christie's is to sell magazines.

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