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LOTS to be thankful for this weekend
Posted 11/23/2012 10:38:00 AM

With a heavy heart for my Jersey Shore friends, family. and brothers, we have LOTS to be thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend. As I look at my water-stained living room ceiling, caused no doubt by rain driven through the shingles by 90-plus mph wind gusts, I can't help but feel lucky that I escaped the serious devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. My ceiling will need a coat of paint and some minor repair, but at least I have a ceiling over my head. For some folks who used to live within a 30-minute drive, they have nothing. And this isn't some town we hear about in Florida, or see pictures of from the Gulf Coast; this happened RIGHT HERE in New Jersey. The road to recovery will be a long and sometimes painful one, but together, we CAN and WILL rebuild. For our friends, our nieghbors, and our state. So just take a moment this weekend as you bargain hunt with freinds and family and enjoy that 3rd plate of Thanksgiving leftovers, that there's work to be done here in Jersey. Adn we'll get it done together. Best to you and yours this Holiday season.

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