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Surviving Hurricane Sandy
Posted 11/1/2012 11:20:00 AM

First things first: I hope you and yours are safe in the aftermath of the worst natural disaster in our state's history. The devastation we've seen is unprecedented, and it will take months, if not years, to rebuild. There are entire TOWNS at the shore that are as good as wiped off the map. Massive flooding. Sand 2-feet deep, 2 blocks from the ocean. Trees that survived hundreds of years toppled like twigs. Miles and miles of power lines downed. Long lines at gas stations, at the few that have both gas to sell and power to run the pumps. I know we just went through this last year with Hurrican Irene and the October snow, and it was a diffiuclt time, but we made it...right? Sure it was tough to sit in a dark cold house, but at least you had one to sit in. It was tough to stare at a powered-off TV, but when the power came back at least you had one. At this writing, there are people...GOOD people...who have absolutely nothing, and would give anything for that bag of chips that you and I call "breakfast", or that box of cookies that for us is "dinner". So try to keep everything in perspective. And remember we're in this TOGETHER.

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