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What Newsweek really needs to do
Posted 10/19/2012 11:58:00 AM

I don't know how many tears are being shed today over the announcement that Newsweek magazine will cease publication in December, and shift to an all-digital format. Who is upset by this? Grandparents in their doctor's waiting rooms? People who crave last week's information? Don't get me wrong; 80 years is one helluva great run for anything, but in today's "give it to me now" world that we live in, picking up a magazine with dated information in it seems pointless. "Last week" is thought of as "last year" by today's standards, with the modern "news cycle" getting shorter and shorter. But here's the real issue with Newsweek, and it's has been staring us in the face the entire time: it's the name "Newsweek". What exactly does it mean? A week's worth of news in one publication? A recap of everything we've already heard about though the Internet, TV, newspapers, and of course, radio? In these modern times, anything that isn't current, timely, and up-to-the-second is simply going to be lost in the hectic shuffle, known as the media. So maybe before the ax is swung, cutting down the last tree, that will be ground into the paper, that will be used to print the final edition of Newsweek in December, the publishers will find a way to re-brand this once viable news source as an up-to-date, living-in-the-now online medium.

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