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I know, I know. PEOPLE kill people.
Posted 7/21/2012 12:34:00 PM

A deranged killer enters a crowded movie theater with the intent of killing as many innocent people as possible. He sees his first victim, and slowly approaches. He reaches out and begins to choke his unsuspecting prey with his bare hands. Panic sets in, the house lights come up. Other moveigoers react, subduing the would-be attcker until the police arrive. No injuries are reported. Down go the lights, and it's on with the show. Now, let's visit the same scenerio with the attacker armed with several weapons, including an AK-47 type automatic weapon. The same deranged killer enters the same crowded movie theater and...well, you already know what happens. Do you see the contrasts in each situation? The gun makes ALL the difference.I get the whole 2nd Amendment and the "right to bear arms" thing, I really do. I'm not saying "let's get rid of guns, and we get rid of the problem". Everyone knows it's not that simple. I'm saying guns always have, and always will, make the commission of any crime easier. Stick a handgun in someone's face demanding their wallet, and you get it. Demand the same wallet while in a judo-type stance, and you get your butt whipped. It's that easy. Look how many truly great (not to mention innocent) people have lost their lives to gun violence. John and Bobby Kennedy. Martin Luther King Jr. John Lennon. Abraham Lincoln. Think about THAT one for a second. Abraham FREAKING Lincoln was shot to death IN THE 1800's, and we STILL haven't figured out a solution to the gun problem. Relax, Charlton Heston. No one's going to pry your gun "from your cold dead hands". But how about we ALL work together to address this issue?

Posted By: Bert Baron  

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