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Stay the FRACK out of New Jersey!
Posted 6/16/2012 1:59:00 PM

You know, some people are really out of their fracking minds. Take for example the fracking natural gas industry that wants to set up mining operations all over America, including here in fracking New Jersey. Mining for natural gas is not a simple process, and to "simplify" it, a procedure called "fracking" is used. What is fracking? I'm glad you fracking asked. Fracking is the process of using a toxic chemical cocktail to break through layers of rock and shale far below the Earth's surface to make accessing the natural gas easier. Sounds OK right? But wait; the story gets a lot fracking better. What do you think happens to all of that toxic fluid that's forced into the ground? You're fracking right; it STAYS there, permanently destroying EVERYTHING it contacts. Drinking water? Forever poisoned and discolored. Vegetation? No longer fit for human or animal consumption. Property values near fracking sites? Plummeting and devalued at alarming rates. How does the natural gas industry claim to deal with fracking fluid? They claim it's all recovered and "safely" fracking disposed of. Well, if you consider a man-made pond of poison left to evaporate back into the atmosphere "safe disposal", then that's what it is. Why frack in the first fracking place? Money. What else. Money for people whose water, land, and air are unaffected. I fracking applaud our lawmakers for not only banning fracking in New Jersey, but for working to no longer accept fracking waste from neighboring states. Frack is whack, and they get it. So don't let anyone tell you that fracking is safe. They're fracking lying to you. Can you tell I'm not fracking happy?

Posted By: Bert Baron  

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