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Politcal payback or a sound decision?
Posted 3/23/2012 9:59:00 AM

Governor Christie's nominees for the state Supreme Court are 0-for-1. With Thursday's rejection by a 7-6 vote, Phillip Kwon will NOT become the first Asian to hold a seat in New Jersey's highest court. In what would have been a history-making decision, Mr. Kwon is now a footnote in history: it's the first time, in modern times, a Governor's appointee has been rejected. Was this a form of "political payback" that the Governor's detracted have waited for, or was this decision that was made in the best interests of the people? The Governor says this is an attempt to "punish him" for his attempts to reform salaries and pension, while those who cast the "nay" votes claim Mr. Kwon is a Republic (not the Independent he claims to be), and he wasn't completely forthcoming on a legal settlement that his family was a part of. So what can we expect for the hearing regarding the other nominee, Bruce Harris? Will he become the next casualty of partisan politics, or will he be confimred to become the first openly-gay man to serve on The Court? That depends on the opponents of the Governor. If they feel like they've "evened the score" with their votes on Kwon, Mister Harris will probably be confirmed. If not, he doesn't have a prayer.

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