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Not a good week to be an animal
Posted 3/18/2012 6:30:00 PM

I've always maintained that the human being is, at the same time, the BEST thing and the WORST thing to ever happen to animals, and this past week, we learned why. Let me remind you of the ways that humans are the BEST for animals. We craft laws to protect them; we invest millions in sheltering and housing them; and in some cases, we treat them better than we treat other humans! With that said, the tragic events of the past week remind us why we are the WORST thing to happen to animals. First, we learn of the THIRD horse to die during the filming of the HBO series, "Luck". The 3rd horse? What happened to the other 2? We have to needelessly kill THREE horses before something is done? What is that, a clause in someone's contract that NOTHING STOPS until we hit 3? That is simply SHAMELFULL! The other incident this week surrounds a rare, earless bunny named Til. Seems like Til's "handlers" were hoping to cash in on their rare gift of nature, and put poor Til on TV in Germany. In thier haste to exploit this poor animal, Til was STEPPED ON and KILLED by a careless cameraman who claims he never saw the poor bunny. (I do have to give the guy credit for at least admitting he did it. Anyone else would have claimed "Wasn't me"!) In any event, Til is gone, 3 horses met an early demise, and for what: so man can make a few bucks. They say you can learn a lot about people through how they treat their animals. I guess the ones we don't eat or make baseball mitts out of, we'll try to make them TV stars. If it fails, so what? Right! After all...they're just animals.

Posted By: Bert Baron  

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