QR Codes

Gain instant access to WCTC's mobile site, contest entry forms, and more via
the WCTC QR Codes for Smartphones!

Also known as quick response codes, these two-dimensional bar codes offer a great and
easy way for you to get content on the go by using your smart phone.

Any time you see one of the WCTC QR Codes, scan the code with a QR
scanner and you'll find yourself checking the latest info on the WCTC Mobile sites, and more!

How to Scan a QR Code:
1) Download a QR Scanner Application for your Smartphone.
2) Find a code and scan it with your QR Scanner.
3) Have fun!

QR Code Readers for Smartphones:

Readers for iPhone

Readers for Android
Barcode Scanner

Readers for Blackberry
ScanLife Barcode Reader

Can anyone use the WCTC QR Codes?
Anyone with a smartphone and a QR scanner can use the WCTC QR Codes.

What is a QR scanner?
A QR (Quick Response) scanner is an application on your smartphone that can read and process a QR Code.

Do I have a QR scanner?
Some smartphones come with a QR scanner already built in. If your smartphone does not have a QR scanner, there are apps available to download.

How do I download a QR scanner?
If your smartphone does not already have a QR scanner, access the application store from your smartphone, and search for "QR scanner" to download. There are many free or paid applications that you can choose from.

What can I do with the WCTC QR Code?
It depends on where you see it! You may scan it and it takes you to our mobile-friendly version of WCTCAM.com, or you may be taken to a contest entry form for one of our contest that you want to enter!

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