Before Winter Weather Strikes, Be Prepared


Before a storm strikes, be prepared.

At home or work, the following items should be available:

-flashlights and extra batteries
-canned food and a manual opener
-bottled water
-essential medications
-first aid kit
-sufficient heating fuel
-a working fire extinguisher and smoke alarm
-salt and sand
-a battery powered radio

Make sure your pets have plenty of food, water, and shelter.

Make sure your vehicle is fully checked and winterized. Carry a winter storm survival kit including blankets, cell phone, a flashlight with extra batteries, a shovel, and map.

If you become stranded in your vehicle, make sure the tail pipe is clear then stay inside, run the engine 10 minutes each hour for heat, keep your window open to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, and from time to time exercise body parts to keep blood circulating and to keep warm. Tie a colored cloth to your vehicle.

If you are caught outside, try to stay dry and cover exposed body parts.

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